Should we be satisfied??

05 Oct

The winner of the India’s Got Talent Khoj 2 (color) is a group from Shillong and the first runner up is Tezi Toko, from Arunachal Pradesh, a student of Assam Valley School. It is quite prestigious for the people of North East and it made us proud to be from North East.

But should we be satisfied for the least performances from North East, especially from Assam in the National and International platform??

I generally prefer to watch the reality shows rather than the other programs. In the reality shows, I often miss our people….infact missed the talented people from Assam. I never consider the people from my Homeland as less talented than the other one. I am proud of Debojit Saha since he has opened the door of these reality shows…..but in this regard, AASU also helped him a lot. The people who have tried a little in this field is very few to be counted…since the North East, especially Assam is a multi talented state..we have the varity of our culture. But our culture is not focused as compared to the other cultures.

I personally feel that Bihu is not less energetic than Bhangra, the popular dance from Punjab…but in India I think a very few people who do not know the minimum steps of Bhangra. But can we say the same for Bihu?? I have seen the different cultures in “India’s Got Talent Khoj 2” from different parts of India except Assam. I have seen people from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab and infact from all the states…But I missed my very own Bihu Dance. I can bet people, even also the judges presented out there that after watching the energetic steps of Bihu they could not but giving their standing ovation.

No doubt we should be proud enough for our Jeetumoni, Anamika, Bonjyotsna, Rabin Bor (Artist) etc etc.

But still should we be satisfied enough???

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