Is it necessary??

30 Sep

When I first came to Mumbai, I was shocked to see the lifestyles of the people living out here…almost surprised to see the high fashioned people in the malls, in Nariman points, Marine Drive, Bandra, Juhu etc etc…even in my daily local trains I often met ladies in almost least costumes. One day, I went through an article in a magazine about the lifestyles in metros. In that article, it was mainly written how to maintain a life in a big city or a metro for a new comer. The author mentioned there 5 points to the newcomers so that they could be more easy in adjusting with the metro life. Some people also shared their experiences in arriving in a metro or a fashionable city like Mumbai. Among the 5 points, I preferred most the point on the dressings. The author suggested the newcomer not to change their lifestyles just after arriving the city. He advised the people to observe the surrounding for a few days..may be for a month also…then to decide what would be comfortable for them. The author also suggested not to change immediately from Sari to the Shorts…just to wait for the environment in which she is going to run by everyday.

If you were in Sari always then why would you change it directly to the Mini Skirts??? It may not be comfortable for you in sari to travel in trains or to pass by the busy roads..then choose one whichever you feel comfortable….it is not meant that if you are in a city, you should follow the other fashionable girls staying here for long time.

Choose your outfit according to your age, your personality, to your professional life and to your physique also. It is not necessary that if some lady near by you is in Micro mini also have to get the same shorts from the market the very next day…follow your personality, not the lady.

Do not give up everything which you had earlier, try to treasure them and try to continue your thoughts and feelings also. Follow your own lifestyle and own fashion…you will see people will start following your style. Make yourself the style icon…..why follow others…..people will start praising your personality.

The second point was to follow the night lives in metros….if you are from a very conservative and reserve not give up your own customs…maintain them properly. One day you will see your friends, who are the fast follower of the western life style, will start adopting their own cultures again. If you will keep them properly then your next generation will come to know exactly what they are….otherwise your own kids would ask you one day what your actual culture,your actual customs, even your religion, your past history.

Really, is it necessary to adopt the culture of the metro where you have just shifted????

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