Respect them also

29 Sep

I generally take the 6.50 pm virar local super fast train runs from the platform no.7 at Andheri station. I prefer this train, reason: it is a starting train from Andheri in which I often get the chance to take a seat and secondly it is the superfast train halts only at Borivli and Vasai Road in between Andheri and Virar. Since my destination is Vasai Road, so it takes only half an hour to reach my home instead of heavy crowded local fast trains. A chanawala is always standing just in front of the ladies first class compartment. I often take chana from him whenver I reach there a bit earlier.

That day also, after taking my seat inside the compartment, I came to him and ask him to provide me a 10 rupee chana. He started preparing his boiled chana with the small pieces of onions, chillys, dhaniya patta and masala. I took the chana from him giving him the 10 rupee note. But he refused to take the same asking me to hold the note properly. Then I noticed that I took the folded note in between my first and second finger. So he refused to take the note as for him the way of offering the note is not a proper manner. I got ashamed on his logic and again gave him the note holding it properly. That day I got a lesson to respect people.

One day when I was on the way to Powai in an auto, I was talking with the autowala about the road and the traffic in Mumbai. when he came to know my destination (IIT, Bombay), he seemed to be very happy in talking with me. According to him, IITs are the top most Institutions throughout the country. I do agree with him and felt a bit of proud in my mind.
I suddenly got surprised how he came to know about IITs. He told me that he was very interested in studying in IITs, but could not get the chance and so did his engineering from and engineering college in Mumbai. I got double surprised in knowing that he is a retired engineer of a reputed company and since he has a few autos, so that day he took one of them to drive it himself. After that he started talking with me in English saying that he felt very happy because he got the chance to visit the IIT campus.

I simply became speechless that day.

We are not friendly with the people who serve us daily…the watchman, the night chowkider, the doodhwala, the hawker, the autowala, the traffic policeman, the sweeper, the chanawala etc etc…we never think once that without the sound made by the night chowkider we can not sleep at night properly in the midst of a busy city…without the watchman, we can not leave our home safely during our office hours…without the hawker of the newspaper our days can not be started…without the doodhwala we can not prepare our morning tea or our baby’s food…without the traffic police we can not even walk on the busy road and without the sweeper we can not even imagine to live peacefully in a clean and healthy environment.

So let’s start to respect them also without whom life would be a bit difficult to servive.


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2 responses to “Respect them also

  1. dhyanjyoti

    September 29, 2010 at 11:11 am

    i only can say after read ur blog Any expriecnce is a good expricence take care

  2. MichaelWhitney

    October 12, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    Nice blog…thought-provoking indeed


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