Rent House

24 Sep

After spending almost 10 years of my life in hostels, I finally decided to shift to a rent house. Many circumstances forced me to take this decision. In this long journey in hostels, I got different tastes of hostels, different people, different environments, different politics etc etc. People became unforgettable, some for their valuable and trustworthy friendship and some for their crucial mentality. I must admit that I passed my days very nicely in almost all the hostels (private and Govt) including the paying guest also. But my last hostel experience was very terrific. All the boarders in that hostel were quite matured in age..but the discussions and the politics were very dangerous out there. That’s a different chapter of my life. In the later stage of my Ph.D. works, as the requirement of my profession I decided to join in a junior college to get some teaching experience. Though most of the people donot follow the actual rules and regulations of the hostel, but for some people rules are followed strictly. It was happened to me also. As per the rule, employees are not allowed to stay any more in the concerned hostel. Since I got appointed in a junior college (many girls were working in reputed colleges in the same time) I had to withdraw the hostel seat. Frankly speaking, I was quite happy in withdrawing the hostel seat since I could not face the daily political environment of that particular hostel.

Now my new life is going to be started. First I need to find a suitable rent house in Guwahati so that I can stay peacefully in a secured surrounding where there will be no water locking at all. In Guwahati, everyday crimes are common situations. So to stay in a rent house is quite a responsible situation for me. In hostels, I need not to cook, need not to do the marketing, need not to manage everything..from gas cylinder to the probable guests of my house.

First I thought that I would stay alone…Nobody would be there to share the things…whatever you want just go for it. I conveyed the news of a rent house to all my friends out there in Guwahati to search a suitable rent house for me. I also went for it. From Uzan bazar, Silpukhuri, Chandmari, Zoo Tiniali, Narengi, Ganeshguri, Beltola, Survey, Bora service….I didnot let any places to be unserached. But I could not find a rent house…one whole day, I asked every single home on the Rajgarh Link Road for rent houses where it was written “To Let”. That day I noticed that first time people asked me who would be going to stay..when I said I would stay there alone…then they first looked me and then my friend with whom I went for searching and suddenly turned their voice to “No” or “already booked”.

Finally I decided to tell lie to be stayed with my mother. That day again I visited the 2nd page of the Assam Tribune’s Sunday Edition and found one semi furnished house for a small family…rent was Rs 4000/- pm. I called up the number given there, one lady asked me to see the house. I went there and talked to the lady and said that I would stay with my mother….so wanna see the house. But when I entered the campus, before opening the lock of the door, I told the lady that I would take the house. The lady laughed and told me to atleast have a look at the house. The outside of the house so beautiful and well organized that I could imagine the inside. The house was so systematic and well furnished that there would not be any point of rejection. And the house owners were also very nice and well mannered with high professional. I was quite lucky to have my rent house.

Rent houses made people more experienced…I too got quite experienced in this. To stay alone in the midst of a busy city is not a easy task. But I managed the things properly…some times I found it quite adventurous in staying alone there…that house became lucky for me…I applied for the Women Scientist Post Doct. Fellowship in that house…got the calling for interview in that house…resigned my college job after two months…finally got the fellowship…and FINALLY got married in that house also. My decision in shifting to rent house and then staying in a comfortable rent house with good atmosphere was the turning point of my life.

I strongly believe that our fortune depends not on our luck…but the atmosphere in which we are passing through our daily life. If our daily life style is satisfactory to us, then it will automatically enrich your workings and then your personality. I am happy enough that my first and last experience in rent house is quite memorable for me.


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4 responses to “Rent House

  1. Rubul Saikia

    September 24, 2010 at 11:35 am

    Borhiya lagise…..Tai kiba novel likhim buli bhabiso ni

  2. Koyel Das

    September 24, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    Dats a realy wel wrttn one…hv u alwz bn intrstd in writin?i think u shud pursue it mre coz u r realy gud at it…

  3. MichaelWhitney

    October 13, 2010 at 5:12 am

    Enjoyed reading this one ….keep it up


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