Anokha Experience

21 Sep

My husband Ranjeet is a product manager in Eisai Pharmaceuticals India Pvt Ltd. As his profession demands, he is working in the Neuro division and has to manage everything regarding their products. Their main target is Alzheimer and Dementia…..diseases caused due to the memory loss at the old ages.

Today is the World Alzheimers’ Day….as an activity Ranjeet was arranging a program at Kishore Gopal Rajpuriya Ban Prasthashram…an Old Age Home for the Senior Citizens. That 2 hour long program was organized properly with the collaboration of an NGO. They have arranged many games among the boarders of the old age home and have given the free health check ups also. Parallely they discussed about the diseases caused due to the memory loss at the ages of the people presented out there. That was a very nice step and very good opportunity for me to visit such places, visit such people who are away from their relatives. The manager told us that most of people of that old age home are the unwanted people for their children. Their children bring them and leave them at such a place where they have to maintain a routine life at their last few years of their lives.

During the session, I simply noticed the different faces of those senior citizens. Some of them belong to a very good family as their personality showed it clearly. Some seemed to be very happy with their friends around them staying together, some enjoyed the program while some other were sitting calmly and looking at very indifferently what was going on around them…..still their eyes were filled with something….may be some sorrow, some regret, some anger, some ego or some unspoken words which they have never shared with.

They have arrived at the last phase of their lives after building their happy family, happy home, happy kids, happy grand children also…so now they regret themselves that if they would not have built their home properly, would not have prepared the home works of their kids properly, then perhaps they would have some time to spend with their own parents. They become angry also reminding that how they had spent all their savings on their kids to make them a high profiled personality in future. Some times they may be upset also and got the ego with their kids with whom they have not spoken many days or months or years. But nothing works….it is their fault that they made their kids so professional that their kids have no time for the family but have all the time for the Company or for their high profiled career.

I don’t know the medical terms and conditions for the Alzheimer and Dementia….but I simply understand that these diseases can not be removed completely untill and unless we will accompany our parents and our grand parents. At the later ages, people become very lonely all the time…they become infact very insecure also. I personally feel that if we treat our parents at their old ages as the senior most in the family and continue our respect properly..then their lives will be becoming charming day by day and they will start treating us as their friends. Try to keep them busy in any activity they like and be accompanied by them always.


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2 responses to “Anokha Experience

  1. Koyel Das

    September 24, 2010 at 3:33 pm


  2. Lipi

    September 27, 2010 at 7:01 am

    I am passing through the caring phase of a parent with such disease right now. How I wish I could help him more!!


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