Protest at sight

19 Sep

Few years back, when I was in Tezpur University, I experienced a very sudden incidence. It is around in 2003-2004, means almost 6-7 years old story. That very day, we visited the Ganesh Temple just on the bank of Brahmaputra. It is nearby the Chitralekha Udyan. Just in front of the temple and on the bank of the Brahmaputra, there were sitting places from where people can enjoy the beauty of the great river. So many people were sitting there at that time….gossiping, enjoying, having fun and taking the Chana from the Chanawala. We saw a middle aged couple, well dressed with healthy attitude sitting over there for long time talking within them. The whole atmosphere was very nice to be enjoyed.

But suddenly a group of young generation came. Their entry slightly motivated others since they created a sort of interruption by using some sort of slangs!!!! Whatever they were discussing it was simply within them. But people around them were a bit hesitated with their conversations. To our great surprise, the middle aged lady suddenly asked them from where they belong?? In accordance to her, people from Tezpur would never use such type of slangs in their conversations and even they never create such atmosphere at any places. The group ignored the lady and started leaving the place. At that time, the lady caught one boy’s shoulder and took him to the water to through him away. The boy became so afraid of it that he stopped trying to escape and confessed himself also while his group already ran from there. She kicked the boy, slapped him and warned him not to do it again at any public places. Her husband also accompanied her. After seeing this we became simply speechless.

Do you know, after being the most populated city in the whole country, how Mumbai runs so fast everyday…it is only because of the systematic way the people follow here and protest those at sight who try to break them. If you are the first in an auto queue, it means you will take the seat first, nobody will overtake you and nobody will let you to allow others to take your seat. Even the autowallas donot let you to do so. If you don’t want, let the one behind you to take it. This is the system how Mumbai runs a fast life peacefully everyday for everyone. Here every body will help you if you are in the system and everybody will protest you if you are breaking the system. That’s why the city bus services, auto services, even the fast local train services are running so smoothly.

If you feel that some thing unfair is going on just in front of your eyes, raise your voice at once. You see how people will come out to protest against the unfair items. If we people protest at sight then the root of the unfair items will not get the chance to grow up. We simply have to realize this simple concept.

NB. Don’t interfere anybody’s personal life.

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  1. zdrowie

    September 19, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    Great post, I wanted to comment that i am not able to connect to your rss feed, you should install the right wordpress plugin for that to workthat.


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