The proper use of a Full Stop

14 Sep

If you write your full name, what do you do?? Mr. X or Ms. Y or Mrs. Z. If somebody has the degree of the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), then he will write Dr. X. Similarly the same thing will also happen to those who qualified the MBBS and Engineering ( for MBBS we write Dr. and for Engineers we write Er.).

How many of us concerned about the use of a full stop after an abbreviation??

Is it right to write Deptt., Pvt., Ltd. etc. etc.??

If we stop the word after consecutive letters, we can use the full stop there…example Professor. To write this word in shorter form, we can use the full stop after four letters (Prof.). But we can not use the full stop if the word is stopped with its last letter…Dr.,Mr., Ms., Mrs., Deptt., Pvt.,Ltd. these all are wrong concepts of using a full stop.

Dr Rana, Mr Atul, Ms Bini, Mrs Konwar, Deptt of Mathematics, Eisai Pharmaceuticals India Pvt Ltd

These are right concepts.

Last year, in Roorkee, one Professor from University of Banglore gave such a good lecture on “How to write a research paper”. In his lecture we came to know many good things which were being committed as silly mistakes from our school levels. He told us that if we put the full stop after Dr., then it means that it will be full stop of our research works after Ph.D., because actual research begins after Ph.D. only.

So be careful of using small notations. A comma can even kill a man…”Hang him not, release him”. If we put the comma just before “not”, then the man could be prisoned to death also.

“Go slow, men are working”…put the comma before “slow”.

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