The value of a marriage

13 Sep

Few days back, one of my brothers gave a great comment on marriage. According to him, to understand the value of a marriage one should stay in a very fast and busy city like Metros. Because at small towns where people have a daily normal routine, no hurry, no hectic schedule…a simple and calm office hours…no need to travel for office since office is at a walking distance…where people are having enough time to spend with the family members..enough time to spend with the newly wed wife also…people might not very much worried about the separations. They have lots of time to spend with the family. Sometimes they might also argue with the family members, even between the husband and wife there might be arguments also. I personally came to some experiences where people argue even at the old ages also. There are sometimes some serious arguments also which are not suitable for their ages. At their age, they should only give company to each other, not the arguments. I faced some newly wed husband and wife who can pass upto one week without interacting to each other. These things happen only because of the enough time they are having to spend with.

But in metros, where people get the minimum time to spend with the family, they simply want some more time to enjoy with their family. They have to count how much time they are with their kids, with his wife or with his parents. Every hour becomes so valuable that they want to enjoy their lives in every minute. I personally believe that if I waste the weekend in arguing with my husband, then I will have to cross a week long hectic schedule to spend some sweet moments with my husband. In the working days, we even do not have the time to argue with each other. We count the hours we spend together in the week days. And this is the routine life of every working couples in busy cities.

So enjoy your life with your life partner at the most expensive way and spend your today’s time with your family not think that if you do not spend today, you will have tomorrow to enjoy with them. Who knows what is waiting for you by tomorrow. Do not take your family to be granted…do not think that they will be waiting for you always…give the equal importance to them also…then your life will be crowded with the family members.

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