Things I like in Mumbai(1)

07 Sep

In Mumbai, I have to travel everyday in Local Trains since Mumbai Local trains are the most convenient and available way to save both time and money. We are staying at Vasai Road, far away from Andheri and Powai where IIT, Bombay is sitauted. So everyday I travel almost more than 50 kms. When I first came to Mumbai, I was a bit depressed to travel for so long distance daily. But whenever I board on trains I found lots of working women traveling more distance than me. I even meet the pregnant women who are very much used to travel in the local trains comfortably.

Mumbai locals run in every two three minutes. We generally catch the trains of 7.01 am, 7.11 am, 7.26 am, 8.26 am etc.(see the timings). In that early morning trains, every day it is so crowded that you can not even get in the trains. If somehow you get in the trains, there will be no spaces inside so that you can take breathe properly…you can not stand properly. It is very horrible situation….first time I found the the journey that way. But slowly when I became used to the crowded local trains, I came to know many things.

Here every thing is done in the systematic way.To get in the trains is also a type of system. If you will be in the queue then it is easy to get in it and make the same inside the train also. If you are to get down the next station of the girl standing beside you, let her to move forward so that she can get down at her destination since train will be stopped only for few seconds at every station. If you are facing problem to carry your bag while you are standing inside the crowded train, you ask any girl sitting or standing near the bag shelf, she won’t refuse you. She will take your bag and place it at the shelf properly and whenever you want some body will again give your bag.

In your journey, you may meet many vendors carrying different things, books, ear rings, Gajra, cosmetic items, stationary items, kitchen items, garments etc etc. If you want to go through it you can take them. Vendors will give you the whole packet even in the crowd. You see the things, if you like them take one pair of ear rings or take one book or whatever they carry, pay the vendors properly and return him the whole packet. Never think that you can cheat them by taking some of the items since the things are very small in size and nobody will notice you.

This is the way people travel everyday in Mumbai locals peacefully and comfortably.

These things I really admire in crowded and busy Mumbai.

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