INDIA is a fuzzy country

06 Sep

In mathematics, when we consider statements, it means it has exactly two values…either TRUE or FALSE. But generally it is sometimes difficult to judge in our daily life systems. Sometimes we face some situations when things are a bit both true and false or neither true nor false…it lies between true and false. If we judge the things mathematically, these things are different.

In mathematics, we generally take 1 when it is true, 0 when it is false. If we consider DAY to be 1 and NIGHT to be 0, then what would we say about evening or early morning???

Similarly, if we take white to be 1 and black to be 0, then what would we say about GRAY???

Can we make a group of Beautiful girls??? Can we make a group of cold days?? If we take from the 1st December to the 31st March to be the cold days..then what would we say about 30th November or 1st April??

If we say the boy of 5 feet to be a tall boy, they what about the boy of 4 feet and 11 inch???

If we say the student scoring 80% to be the brilliant one, what about the student scoring 79.9%???

These are the concepts which we can not measure linearly(?). These concepts vary person to person.

Simply this type of concept is called FUZZY which is being used in most of the today’s technologies.

This is what I am using the concept in my research filed..I am working on the FUZZY real number systems.

INDIA is a fuzzy country, since we can not give any statements about INDIA which are to be true or false….(think why).

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