I have lost my pens at IITB

02 Sep

Few days back, I have lost my pens( two pens: one is Pierre Cardin and another is LinkSmart) at IIT,Bombay. I lost it from the office of the department of Mathematics, IIT,Bombay in the morning time. At that time, there were only two persons, Senior Technical Superintendent who is a Master in Statistics in 1989 and the Senior Mechanical Assistant. Within two minutes I have lost my pens and when i asked the people presented out there about my pens,they replied in a indifferent way. I became upset not for the loss of my pens which were a bit costly, but for the reason that the pens were gifted to me by my husband.

The other office staffs asked me to complain the Head of the Department. At the very out set, I got a bit hesitated to complain to the HoD simply for two pens. But my attachment with the pens forced me to approach Hod. His response was so positive that after inquiry at the office room, he asked me to produce a written complaint to the Chief Security Officer of the Security Cell, IIT, Bombay. I followed Hod and went to the Chief Security Officer along with the written complaint about the loss of my two pens!!!

Chief Security Officer listened the whole history from me and then he assured me to take the necessary actions. I returned back to my work with the least hoping that in this busy world nobody is there to spend their valuable time on small things. But to my great surprise, after half an hour two people from the security cell came to me for inspection. They asked me about the whole incidence, noted down the statements and then proceeded to the suspected persons for inspection again.

First day, I did not get any news from the office and the security cell also. Second day morning, I saw again some people from the security cell at the department office asking some questions to the office people. By the evening HoD asked me to meet him. When I met him, he told me that after the necessary and sufficient jobs of the security cell, those people has confessed themselves and agreed to return the pens to me !!!!!

I was quite surprised to go through the whole incidence. The whole story was about two pens only.

In this crucial world, people can survive because some good things are still there. Small things should not be neglected, should not be ignored at all.

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One response to “I have lost my pens at IITB

  1. dhyanjyoti

    September 2, 2010 at 6:50 am

    nice really interesting story……..


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