Educated Housewife!!!

01 Sep

Today’s most demanding trend is to be an Educated Housewife to maintain the entire family both in the presence and the absence of the husband. It is really essential to be educated for the Mothers to follow the rhythm of the up to date life style and the up to date modern societies also. Educated mothers are demanded not only for Husband’s high class society but also to follow the daily routine works of the Kids!!!!

But when it is about a Professionally Educated Mother, there will be a BIG question. Most of the people are not supporting those girls who become Housewives after getting the Professional courses like engineering,medical,management, computer applications and much more!!!! To be professionally educated is not an easy task, infact it is the toughest to get the seats in those courses. If you are not interested in continuing your professional career then why do you block the seats which you got after defeating most of the equivalent candidates.

The professionally educated housewives should think it twice that if she would have left the seat for some male candidate then most probably he would have maintained a happy and wealthy family.

It is one type of CRIME, we can name it….and it should be the starting step to stop this type of CRIMES!!!

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