See the difference

31 Aug

Among the Assamese writers, I prefer to go through Anuradha Sharma Pujari. Reason: Her practical voice. In her book “Autograph”, she wrote a article about the letter writing. She is infact very upset for the dominating electronic mails on the sweet and fragranted letters. She missed those letters including love letters and the telegrams which carried different fragrances of some one’s feelings, someone’s hand writings and some one’s tears also.

Letter writing is the most delightful way of wasting time: But we people prefer to send an e mail rather than to send a handwritten letter. There’s nobody to wait eagerly to touch our handwriting, to feel the fragrance of our handwriting!!!

Recently I have attended International Congress of Mathematicians,2010 at Hyderabad. One seminar was about the advanced teaching pattern at school level. The speaker presented some proposals to teach the school students using the advanced technology. He showed that to draw a triangle, students have to CLICK the mouse thrice only. Similarly, to draw the bisector of the Angles they have to simply CLICK the mouse. Where is the use of Com pus, use of scales??? Students will learn Mathematics only by CLICKING the mouse..not by using the Com pus, scales, the concept of angles, the concept of triangles…it is the advanced technology pattern of school teachings.

At the National Meet of Research Scholars in Mathematical Sciences, IIT, Roorkee, I met one Mathematician from Jodhpur University, who refused to deliver his lecture on PowerPoint slides!!! He argued that he is attached with the Black board(not the white board) and Chalks only, not with the pointer and the PowerPoint projector. He told that he is getting more energetic and fluent with the fragrance of Chalks!!!!

Do you PhD guide never allowed us to present our PhD seminars on PowerPoint presentations..his opinion is that any body can read over the displayed things on the PowerPoint…he/she is the actual scholar who can write his research works on the black board without taking any other help.

See the Difference!!!

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