A sentimental issue

13 Aug

I often like those people who keep themselves hungry until and unless they get the suitable food, never choose the other options due to their hunger. But does it work always???

Take the today’s job market: how many of us get the chance to fulfill their dreams?? People often dream of a good job with high salary, a suitable house with a happy family. But in the crisis of jobs, we have to choose the way which we never thought of. Among us some people are quite lucky regarding this issue. They may not have any family burdens, may not have any lack of financial support, indeed they may have a very strong family support!!! But every body is not lucky enough to take their own decisions. He/She has to compromise themselves by taking the very first options in their lives though it is not with the same category he/she has been dreaming of…he/she can not wait for the better thoughts since the entire family depends on him/her!!

Next marriage problem: Most of us(especially girls) has to sacrifice their lives only for her younger siblings though she has been dreaming of her own life.

We are the servants of the circumstances…to get relieved from this sort of things is to get adjusted with the situations we are passing through and get satisfied sufficiently by taking the chances which knocks your door. Never let today go away thinking that tomorrow will come with more sunlight…think for today tomorrow will take care of itself.

A DREAM unthreatened, by the morning light….Anuradha Amrutkar

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One response to “A sentimental issue

  1. dhyanjyoti

    August 13, 2010 at 6:13 am

    after a long time i read blogs continuously ur blogs r really interesting best thing i find that all issues r this real world … good keep going ………..


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