Common People Against Corruption

11 Aug

Yesterday in Orkut, I got a photo update from one of my friend’s update list…”Common People Against Corruption: We the People of Assam Mourn our corruption in our Homeland”. It is a very prestigious step to stop the corruption in Assam since in the photographs we have seen people of high personalities along with other so called common people. How could we classify the corrupted people and the non corrupted people?? People who are doing corruptions not only in politics but in all other departments including education system also are all Corrupted People…we can say it easily. But what would we say about them who are giving the chances to the corrupted people to do the corruption?? Are they equally responsible?? A big question!!!!

Before getting together at public places with Common People showing the protest against Corruption by lighting thousands of candles, we the common people must realize one thing that Corruption will be survived and grown up everyday untill and unless we the Common People stop feeding the Corrupted people.

NB. No intension to hurt anybody’s sentiments and working style..simply a feeling towards the events.


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2 responses to “Common People Against Corruption

  1. Ricky

    September 16, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    You have explained your feelings so nicely that makes me amazed that you have studied and come from vernacular medium background. Why don’t you start writing short stories in Assamese? You can bat any so called story writer who only writes for name and fame(????). Please write your experience with some imagination with pen and paper in Assamese and send it to me as ‘SITHI’. It is my request to you. I’m sure I’ll be remembered for the birth of an Assamese Writer in future.


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