Once, Zubeen Garg, stopped his one friend at the midst of the conversation……because his friend was explaining very proudly different prices of the different brands of his out fits in which he felt himself very esteemed that day. Other friends of that group were listening whatever he said about those brands.

Zubeen was silent till the moment of his impatience. When the things crossed its limit, Zubeen simply said his friend that branded works should be important for someone rather than the branded outfits which could be bought by any one. The works by which you can be in every one’s heart and mind and by which you can do good deeds for at least one person, then your life would be something worthy to be lived. Your branded outfit is not important…..your work is important. Zubeen showed his friend his very cheap shirts and pants which he bought from the foot path of Mumbai and in which he was very comfortable at all the time and more importantly in which he never felt to be ashamed of himself.

I listened to the above incident of Zubeen regarding his concepts about the works from my friend who was also present at that time. Frankly speaking, I was really impressed about the thoughts of Zubeen. I also believe in works, not the extra things which we people try to show others very frequently.

My husband always says that great men never focus themselves by their physical appearance…..their works are the identity for them for which they ignore the other things.

But still I like to be in good and attractive out fits…..but honestly this is not my only preference to live my life. I am surprised to see the fast growing culture of Guwahati, where people like to show others first than to look at themselves. My sister says to me that we can be in simple living in Mumbai because nobody looks at us. But here in Guwahati, they have to maintain a status only to show others, otherwise people may raise questions on their status!!!!

Simple living in Mumbai!!!!!

People prefer to be in simple living, because Mumbai is the most high-born and fashionable city in the entire country. People like to be economy because they know the value of money and the shortage of everything. In Mumbai, people have seen both wealth and poverty……they meet people in Marcedez Benz or BMW and on the same road; they have met people collecting the wastage foods from some roadside Garbage dustbin also. They have seen people working hard to get one simple shelter in Mumbai.

That’s why they have given importance to their works, not the branded outfit which they may not deserve to be. My mother always gives importance to the use value rather than the price value. Price is not important, if the usage of that item is not necessary.

But honestly, here in Guwahati, I have noticed, people feel proud in purchasing something in high price rather than its actual price. Today, I went to the Goenka, GS road, where I noticed this sort of environment. Some people were busy on whether other people were noticing them or not. They wanted to show something extra in purchasing cloths which identified their personalities very clearly. I became sorry for those people who gave the chances to the businessmen very badly to crook the common people. Because for some one’s showy behavior may hamper some other common people who may not be in that position to purchase their most essential things.

Honestly, I found myself to be very backward who never supported to pay the high price without a second thought only to show my status. Because I believe, whatever I am, my status is showed by my personality and my works, not by my outfits. I want to be known by my BRANDED works, which I am trying all the time, not by my physical appearance which I am carrying all the time.


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Home Sweet Home

I found Indigo airlines to be the worst airlines I have ever travelled by….I must say. This was my second experience…..still I found the same status of the airline’s service. I don’t know why Indigo requires lots of time to do the same jobs which the other airlines do in less time. My first time experience was also horrible, still I booked my ticket only because of its lowest fare which was shown on that particular day. Being from a middle class family, we have to run our life according to our affordable systems rather than to SHOW some thing extra which we are not actually in the real life…..we have to travel always in the economic class, not in the business class.

Anyway, for me, the greatest irritation of this airline is the halting time in Kolkata….it is almost one hour which is really frustrating for everyone who travels from Mumbai to Guwahati. I think Indigo takes the maximum travel time between Mumbai and Guwahati…5 hours 5 minutes…..horrible journey in a complete dry flight.

Still I tried to be refreshed myself in my whole fly as I was on my way to my Home land. Finally I landed in Guwahati, one of my relaxed places in my way. I booked one private taxi to my destination that is Bhangagarh, because after a long fly, generally people are not in a mood to bargain with the taxi drivers at the airport stand or to wait for the other passengers in a shared taxi. I was in a hurry to reach home. But my first barrier was the heavy traffic jam at Jalukbari. I heard the comments about Guwahati at the airport as a very Dirty, Clumsy, polluted and crowded city. I ignored those comments because I guessed those were the newly landed people who had the wrong concept about my city.

But the same comments came automatically from my mouth when I got blocked at the midst of the artificial flood due to the heavy rains at the Lakhtokia area. The moment, when I was at the middle of the 2 feet depth flood and the water was passing through the car, was more horrible than my journey. I simply prayed to God keeping my feet up to the seat, to save my life and luggage. Very bravely, after almost half an hour, the driver got succeeded in crossing that horrible flood.

Yesterday, Guwahati was hit by several artificial floods in many areas. I personally met two of them…one was at the Lakhtokia and the other was at the GS road, the most busy areas in the entire city. This is a common and exhausted problem for the Guwahati people. They use to get adjusted themselves for those artificial floods which may happen after any heavy rains at any time.

I don’t know what is the problem behind…..who should be blamed for the really clumsy and artificial problems of the city. I simply wish to listen good things about my home land and want to continue my RELAXED and CLEAN stay to the end of my holidays, so that next time, people, like me, would not have to be worried to fly to our Homeland…..that’s it.

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Recently I had an argument with my junior at IIT, Bombay. We shared the same Lab as the Department is under renovation, so there is a sitting problem in the entire Department. Professors have to share the same cabin until and unless the renovation gets over. We do not have any problem in sharing the same lab, because our individual sides are quite comfortable in their way. But sometimes we face some problems regarding the key. We have to issue the key from the security booth which is a little bit away from the Department. Our lab’s one side is the server control room……so one professional also share that part. He is very particular about the key as his part is very sophisticated.

Since both of us have the key permission, we manage the key in ourselves. Generally I issue the key because I arrive at the Department early and my junior deposits the key as he leaves the Department late. Things are going smoothly when I maintain my regular routine. Whenever I had to come late, I used to go direct to the Department without going to the security booth. But interestingly, I found the lab closed. So instead of getting puzzled, I started ringing my junior asking about the status of the key and then do the necessary jobs….because my junior never informed me about it at first.

In the last few days, I was running a very hectic schedule at the Department….I did not get a single moment to think for myself….those were my official works. So one day, I forgot to collect the key and went directly to the Department. I found the lab opened because of the other person who looks after the server. I sent my junior one message asking him to collect the key. But after several hours later also, he did not reply me. In between of my works, I had to issue the key…..well, that was really not a matter for me.

What gave me the ultimate irritation was his ignorance of the message. I often noticed he neither replied any messages nor called me back if he found any missed call from my side. I asked him whether he got the message or not…..he replied that he did not see the message yet!!!

I placed one argument that if he is carrying one mobile that does not mean that he ignores the usage of the mobile. Mobile replaces the land line phones only because of its usage so that we cannot miss any calls or any messages. He again replied me that he never responds any missed calls or any messages….his argument were that if the calls were important then the person would call him again. Moreover if he will miss any message also, then also he will not bother for it.

I asked him if the messages which he ignored, carried the message of his parent’s expiry and he would see it after two days…then what would he do for that!!!! He became speechless….this time he could not place any point in front of me.

I have met some people who did not reply any messages…..instead of that, they called that person. That is different…..this does not mean their ignorance of the said messages. But I have met many people who neither reply any messages nor call someone back. My sister never opens her inbox, because she thinks that all the messages are commercial messages…for which she misses many important messages. If you are busy and cannot receive the call, at least send one message telling your status so that the person from the other side may send you something important through the message. If you find any missed call in your mobile, then calling that person back shows your etiquette which focuses your high personality also. This should not be a matter of wasting your money and time.

Some people expect to call them in a regular way in the name of friendship or family relationships…..but they never think that how much they call others asking their days. Whenever my husband opens his facebook account, he says that there is nobody to write something in his wall or say something in his post, whereas I get instant replies against my post. I tell him that it depends on how much he interacts with others profiles. Instead of counting the amount of phone calls from your friends or relatives, if you step forward to their company first, then automatically you will get the similar response.

Instead of waiting for my calls, my mother calls me first asking about my arrival at any place or about my results of important works. Honestly speaking, informing about the whereabouts or any plan was not an important matter for my husband also……but when he noticed that I never missed to inform him about my arrivals or my whereabouts, slowly he started adopting the same habit.

It’s really true that….you will get the same what you give others. So instead of expecting the care and affection from others, start caring and loving other first.

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My first Love was rejected at Nabin

The beginning was with one blackboard, which carried the general information of the next get together of the Nabin: the literary forum of Cotton college. I had seen it just in front of the Conference Hall. Those were my new days of my college life. What attracted me the most was the names of those Poets whose poems already touched my heart and mind….whom I was keen to meet in my real life.

I stepped forward to attend that meeting whose venue was one room at the ground floor of the Main building. I imagined the arrangement would be a huge arrangement, because I had seen quite a few famous Assamese poets’ name in that Black board. But my first Nabin meeting was an very informal get together with the least arrangement through my eyes. But that informal get together left its foot prints in my heart for which, today I am writing some thing about our Nabin, just to recollect those memories, those life lines, those faces and many more unspoken words.

Afterwards, whenever I was informed about any get together of Nabin, I did not think twice to bunk my classes. Because my Mathematics major classes were not canceled due to the Nabin meetings. Nabin was a way of my relaxation, where I could listen different poets’ own recitation. Those were my most heavenly moments in my college life. I was not a poet, but I was also inspired to drop a few words in my pages in the passing times of Nabin, which might be the least priority words for the Nabin people. But I still remember the moment of my joy when I saw my name in the wall magazine “Fenhujaali”.

For me, Nabin meant Manju Madam (Manju Devi Pegu)….without her presence, Nabin meetings were not held there. Keeping aside her ill health, Manju madam was always ready to enlighten the charm of the get togethers. Nabin was that platform which produced many well known literary intellectuals. I am really proud of those, who are now at a very good status in the Assamese literature.

But Nabin gave me the highest pain also in the name of Love….my first love at my teen age….I must say. From the very beginning of Nabin, I ran to those Nabin meetings only to listen HIS poetry. I had found my life in his words. Whatever he was writing, those carried the fragrance of my life….I liked to be with it for the maximum time of my life. He was the upcoming Poet at that time. He was also well known in the Assamese literary world. Slowly I started falling in Love with his words. I was becoming Mad for his words. I kept waiting eagerly and impatiently for his next writings….it might be his worst poem also.

Slowly my Love for his words turned into the Love for him….without my knowledge. He got the MISCONCEPT of my Love, which was mainly for his words, not for him personally. With the help of some people, my Love was focused differently in the Nabin with the passing time. But my poet was truly in love for some one else who was also at our college…but not in Nabin. So definitely my Love had to be rejected from his side….because whatever he dropped through his pen, those were meant for her only, not for me.

My true love for his words was turned into that love which I did not feel for him…..the whole episode definitely hurt my sentiment. That’s why, slowly, I started avoiding my Nabin craziness, where I was the most rejected person in the name of Love. I started ignoring his writings also….because my love became the matter of my Prestige and personality also.

Slowly, people could understand the actual picture….even that poet also who had the greatest misconcept about himself. But that was too late…..I could not replace myself forgetting every thing in the same platform of Nabin. Now he is one of the famous poets of Assamese literature who starts writing Novels also.

I have not mentioned my Nabin issue any where in my life. But today, I simply want to say, whatever it was, my love was really pure and innocent….for which he lose atleast one reader of his write ups, which may definitely not a matter for him……I know.

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The pleasure of some thing

From the time of my remembrance, I have seen the Prantik at our home… is a periodical of Assamese literature which has its own dignity. Prantik was more than a friend for me…..because I knew it from my very childhood and about whose I knew every thing. I knew every article, every subject and every topic which they followed in their pages. I have honestly read many Novels published in the pages of this magazine before they got published in their Book form.

After quite a few years back, Jeevan and Xatxori got published in the print media. I was initially touched with Jeevan while I was in Guwahati. Jeevan is also a very good and relaxing magazine from my view point whereas about Xatxori I know a very little. Still I assumed it also a very high standard and well circulated magazine in Assam.

But it is very true that I am missing these magazines here in Mumbai after the day of my landing over this Metropolitan city. My husband is also a book lover, but there is a very big difference between his choice and my choice of reading. We prefer totally different books……he likes to read the novels by different Famous English writers among whose I found many books written about the professionalism or about the success of life. He is a regular news paper and magazine reader. I have seen him to complete the whole daily news paper at the mid night also.

But I like to read some thing in my mother tongue which gives me some relaxation from my daily stretches of life. I like to read some good and quality story lines which takes me away from this world. I like to go through some poetry which lets me land at some other world where I can spend some of my quality time. But honestly I can not find whatever I want from my reading habit through the books which are not written in my mother tongue. That’s why I do not touch any books which are in my husband’s small and sweet library……may it be the International best seller or may it be by the award winning writer!!!

Yesterday, my brother Sagar Sourav gave me three magazines…..Prantik, Jeevan and Xatxori. My heavenly feelings of touching those magazines may not be a heart touching matter for those who are in Assam….who can get those magazines easily from any where out there. But these magazines mean a lot for me. I took them as if I was hungry for several years. It gave me the world’s pleasure which I was searching here in Mumbai from the day of my landing.

I simply thank my brother for those which could not be given by every body. I realized my absence in my homeland. I wish to get connected with those which carry the fragrance of my home land. Believe me; I had read two stories of Prantik and some of the write ups of Jeevan in my last night Mumbai local train journey, where most of the passengers were sleeping. But I was in my mood to read those as if some body gave me some thing which was far away from me for long time.

NB. I have already subscribed some of my favorite magazines to read them in Mumbai.


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I must say……may it be my appreciation or irritation.

I was informed by my brother about the program. I did not attend such type of programs previously in the name of the great legend of Assam. He is Dr Bhupen Hazarika and today is his Birthday. He is still under treatment at the Kokilaben Dhiru Bhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai. So the people of his homeland planed to gather at the Hospital venue to wish him for his birthday and to pray for a speedy recovery of his health.

I was also informed for the same. Once before I was informed by another group to the same venue to pray for his good health just after a few days of his admission at that hospital. That time, unfortunately I could not attend. So this time, I thought that I must attend this program since I had a keen desire to attend such a program which was meant for good deeds. Moreover I was rather interested to have a live look of our Bhupen da at the Hospital.

I knew nobody in that group who initiated today’s program…still I was there with my brother. I did not get any idea what might be there as the Birthday celebration. I was informed about the agenda in a rough way. Accordingly, I reached the Hospital venue expecting a very good and well organized get together where some celebrations would be there.

I had the great opportunity to meet Kalpana Lazmi and Manisha Hazarika…not exactly meeting, I had seen them lively through my eyes. They were talking with the people quite a few meters away from me. Manisha Hazarika was my favorite singer….So when she was there with us, my heart and mind became overwhelmed expecting her songs in that program….because listening Manisha Hazarika in Mumbai would be a very rare thing for me. I thought that every thing was organized previously and those people got together there accordingly with due permission of the Hospital authority.

But honestly I was wrong….The whole program was arranged outside the Hospital. Anyway, we all gathered outside the Hospital venue, but inside the Hospital campus. Bhupen da’s photo was sketched on a white board and was designed very nicely in a frame and a few lines of his evergreen song was written there also. Now it’s the time to celebrate his birthday. People presented out there would sign on that memorabilia one by one. Without any introduction, people started signing over there, wishing for his birthday and his good health. I was standing at one side observing all those activities people were doing there and wanted to do there!!!!

I met many renowned High profiled Assamese personalities who got settled down in Mumbai in the field of Music. I was glad to meet them and talk with them…because with my profession, I could never get the chance to meet them in my entire life also…we people are far away from this Music world. Anyway, the moment was started by one renowned sound designer and mixer in the film industry. So that moment must be captured in the camera. Cameraman started clicking the moment. What made me more puzzled and irritating was to see the other people who liked to be in that same frame with those personalities surrounding over them…who in fact introduced themselves to be very well to do and settled in that industry.

I got really confused exactly who were the celebrities or who were the freshers in that field. It was simply a photo session for me…I honestly mean it. I got puzzled why we people got together there…to wish Bhupen da for his Birthday or to do a photo shoot at the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital venue???

Confusions got raised in my mind about the presence of those people who made the whole effort of that particular association a bit hazy in the eyes of every visitors of that Hospital. Some body asked some one just in front of my eyes about the purpose of that get together and the group who initiated the whole program. But very sadly, he could not reply properly. I have no complaint about the group whose effort was highly appreciated. But still I have some complaints about those who did not want to do any thing keeping themselves behind the screen.

People are really crazy about to focus themselves in the eyes of the society or in the eyes of the media. May be their profession demands to do their jobs in that way….I do not know.

But, to be very frank, today’s my experience was a mixed experience which carried both the side….appreciation and irritation.


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Why it should be kept secret???

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